"Oye Mi Gente, Ya Tu Sabes! If it say's Calientemix...It's got to be Hot!"


We become CEO's, our OWN BOSS; because none of our role models ever got to where they are with a JOB! Once we become successful entrepreneurs, it creates a fire inside of us to want to share the experience with natural born Hustlers who want to take their ideas and ambition to the next level which is 10X. We are all born Hustler's, some of us have just not figured it out yet. It's the WILL to fight and SURVIVE. Here at Calientemix we show you how to rip some money out of the Marketplace and get carve your piece out of the Wedding Cake!


C.E.O to us really stands for CAPTIVATING- EVERY- OPPORTUNITY. Being a CEO or Millionaire is not just a financial status--it's a Mindset...and if it's your goal to disrupt and create an impact in this world, you've come to the right place. Why?  Because it takes like-minded individuals coming together to create a movement.


Calientemix Radio with your Host Bob Solis discusses the Laws of Wealth, Business,  Lifestyle and all things related; for those interested in Manifesting and Living an Extraordinary Life. We strive to give you the tools, insights, hacks, techniques and perspectives that will keep you motivated, on the path of Abundance and the Finer things in Life. AND, we do it with a Latin, Spicy, Politically-Incorrect way that remains fun and Hot!


We have found that although the world is full of distractions, aligning yourself with the right prosperity mindset is a first step in enjoying a more fulfilling life. So turn off the Mainstream Media News, escape the Programming that keeps you Broke, Depressed and feeling Hopeless and Tune into a Vibration where you are empowered to reach for the Stars.


Bob Solis coined the Phrase "Calientemix" in 1993 in Brooklyn, New York when he launched what turned out to become one of the most Popular Multi-Cultural DJ Show Companies on the East Coast for 22 years. Hundreds of Parties and Events later; In it's latest incarnation, the brand now mixes the elements that made us a successful DJ company to improve lives through Motivation and Entrepreneurship. We have a blast hosting this show because we get to sit down and talk to some of smartest and most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, ask them their recipes for success and gain massive insights from their mistakes and experiences. Bob Solis -A.k.a- DJ Bobby Blaze, lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Florida.






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